24v36V48V250W350W controller&LED display T320 5 gears+light/cruise indicator electric bike ACCESSORY scooter mtb mobility part

Color: 24v250w350w 36v250w350w 48v250w350w
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Price: US $36.99

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24v36V48V250W350W controller&LED display T320 5 gears+light/cruise indicator electric bike ACCESSORY scooter mtb mobility par

can add usb charger port if need


it is dual mode, fit for motor with sensor hall without .

please leave message about contact way so that we can send you wiring diagram and user instruction.

for cruise function

it will start cruise after bike running at a constant speed after 6 seconds.

if need manual button , you can connect it. if not, can just unconnect it.

self learning function can identify motor phase, match with many brands of brushless motor.

brief introduction to dual mode LED display and controller sets 6 mosfet

rated working voltage: 24v 36v 48v

rated watt choosing between: 150w– 350w

max current choose rope: 10A-21A (default setting 15A)

battery undervoltage protecting point: 31v-42v

motor phase angle 60-120 degree celsius


1. Fit for 2,3,4,5 batterys of different materials, as long as it is power battery: lead-acid, Li-Fe battery, LNCMO battery {Li(NiCoMn)O2}, and so on. For different material there is different under voltage protecting point.

2. Fit for brushless direct current motor such as high speed motor, differential motor, hub motor, toothed or toothless motor, geared or gearless motor with rotation bellow 3600rpm, and bellow 350w

3. match with various kind of throttle, display meter(instrument), brake, lock, speedometer, and other parts related for ebikes , scooters

controller features

1. learn automatically the battery voltage

2. learn automatically the motor phase and angle

3. silent, no noise, dual mode,

4. match with LED display, features:

display control throttle and PAS, all has 0-4—toally 5gears, 0gears will not work. 1-4gears speed 25%, 50%,75%,100%.

display control light, control 6km/h cruise. indicates battery level, gears.

controllers has timely speed cruise. default setting, if keep a speed for 6seconds bike will go into cruise mode.

customer can short press button to exit cruise mode. or back to cruise mode.

PAS power is soft, high sesitivity. if stop pedalling, bike stop output power.

can add run-up mode, means if you use throttle at this mode, bike will not work.

can limit bike speed to 25km/h.

can add reverse and bike lights wires on controller.

controller function

1. rolling handlebar adjust speed -throttle

2. brake and cut off power

3. cruise

4. 1:1 pedal assist power


6. self learning

OTHER OPTIONAL FUNCTIONS(IF NEED please leave message to made to order in advance)

1. burglar alarm

2. stop and reverse

3. low power continious running

4. speed limit adjustable

5. brakelight

6. light/horn power wire

for software function of controller if you are interested please leave message

if you want user manual please leave mail


distributor for large quantity order will get discounts

for other parts please visit store home


all pictures are for sample only, real product maybe different. seller conserves final right of explanation.



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Review by: Nadya S.
The person who manufactured this is a genius! Whether you seek for an article of this form this one IS AWESOME!! believe me, I know what I’m writing about. I have only had it for three days, but I have to come on here to leave a positive opinion: 24v36V48V250W350W controller&LED display T320 5 gears+light/cruise indicator electric bike ACCESSORY scooter mtb mobility part is absolutely what is specified. The cost was nice and supply and support was exceptional.

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OK, I'll discontinue chatting, but I just had to give this good article a little positive review. I highly recommend!
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Tested it for the first time yesterday and I really am pleased by it. This product is cool! No complaints at all, though I had a lot of doubting before the order. Quite an unexpected luck after all previous remorse :-)

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Parfait comme d'habitude. Une petite chose à savoir, le fil du display est un peu court j'ai du faire une rallonge.

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