Electric bike 48v Electric bike 4.0 fat tire electric bike powerful fat tire ebike beach cruiser bike Booster bicycle electric

Color: MX20-white MX20-black
List price: US $1,166.00
Price: US $1,166.00

Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Sheng milo
351 - 500w
Power Supply:
Lithium Battery
Rated Passenger Capacity:
One Seat
Wheel Size:
Max Speed:
Range per Power:
31 - 60 km
Frame Material:
Aluminum Alloy
Luxury Type
Model Number:

Product Description

Expert Review

Review by: Fiona L.
As for me, a prolonged and meticulous preliminary market research is a necessary action before purchasing anything online. unplanned shopping is as much joy as risk, so I thought it was worth taking my time to make a research with great care.

Wihout any doubt I was surpisingly fortunate to find the Electric bike 48v Electric bike 4.0 fat tire electric bike powerful fat tire ebike beach cruiser bike Booster bicycle electric so easily offered here. My product research has let me know that this product is radically unlike the most of the seemingly alike items by courtesy of its extraordinary quality. I’ve taken a look at some universal requirements that are generally applied to the products of this sort, and learned that the one I’ve bought distinguished itself from the competition and appears to be more than afitting choice for this price range.

I would prefer a lower price, can’t deny, (the one that is much closer to zero, would be great), but, I have to admit the current price is truly fair. You can’t expect an exceptional quality product to be outrageously low-cost as it will mean either a poor quality of raw materials, or a second-rate production quality, or both. Or, even more horrible, it will mean trading upon mere employees. No thanks, not the perfect sort of product I want to back with my buying.

I would also like to write that when I got my buy delivered and took a look into the parcel I was thrilled to see that Electric bike 48v Electric bike 4.0 fat tire electric bike powerful fat tire ebike beach cruiser bike Booster bicycle electric has arrived in ideal working condition, with no downsides or faults or stuff like that. It’s excellent to know the acquisition has shown its worth, so yeah, I unquestionably recommend acquiring this one.
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Review Summary

My careful market research shows that the product stands out from the rivalry and my own purchase leaves no doubts it has an amazing quality.

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Customer reviews

  • L***r
    Verified buyer

    Delivery time is one and a half months. no additional tax. good quality.

    Verified buyer

    The electric bike is in good condition and the packaging is well protected. Everything is done according to the seller's instructions. Free customs clearance and customs fees took a total of 33 days.

    Verified buyer

    Absolutely perfect! The seller's service attitude is very good and can answer my questions quickly. The tires are large and even exceed the tires of motorcycles. The surface pattern design has a strong grip and is therefore more suitable for use on beaches. snow and mountain roads. The power motor is 500 W and it is very fast. There are 6 courses that show animals or gentle traits at any time. Thanks for your advice!

    Verified buyer

    This bike is really great and has a great battery life when used in "auxiliary" mode. Again. the speed is still not as high as described in the product introduction. Overall. this is a great product.

    Verified buyer

    The bike was delivered within 39 days and everything was ok. The bad news is that the instruction manual has not been updated and is written too small. So it is totally useless.

    Verified buyer

    I can only recommend it. The bike is perfect! Displacement. braking. strength and craftsmanship are very good! However. the supplier introduced three modes. pure electric mode. auxiliary mode and pedal mode. I still don't know how to use assist mode. I should ask right away. Thanks and suggestions

    Verified buyer

    I can only recommend it. The bike is perfect! Displacement. braking. strength and craftsmanship are very good! However. the supplier introduced three modes. pure electric mode. auxiliary mode and pedal mode. I still don't know how to use assist mode. I should ask right away. Thanks and suggestions

    Verified buyer

    From the 30 days after ordering. the seller will send the actual shipping number to the container to arrive in Europe. Electric bikes are very fast. reaching 50 km / h and have a long service life. After 14 kilometers. I saw the maximum distance . Well

    Verified buyer

    Of AU? s all is perfect and full Zuverl? ssigkeit.

    Verified buyer

    It is more than I expected !! A great finish and appearance !! but.the main quality is the ease of the ride and the way that hills are the same as the flat !! Absolutely fab thrilled to pieces !!

    Verified buyer

    I am very pleased with this Electric Bike. I get plenty of exercise but not too hard work and enjoy going up steep hills with no efort.

    Verified buyer

    Fun to ride Semble un bon achat

    Verified buyer

    Excellent bike for the price. Very pleased with superfast delivery and the bike was easy to assemble.

    Verified buyer

    Use it every to work a 13 miles journey and it᯳ a great relief especially on up hill road. No sweat!

    Verified buyer

    My partner is Very happy with his purchase

    Verified buyer

    I was amazed at how quickly the bike arrived. Super fast and efficient service. The bike is perfect for my partner with can now zip to work with ease. Thank you xx

    Verified buyer

    Got this as a birthday present for husbands special birthday and he absolutely loves it. Looks great. really practical for short work commute and great for going uphill and distances slightly too long to walk but taking car seems impractical. Cannot recommend enough and now saving to buy one myself!

    Verified buyer


    Verified buyer

    Delivered on time. product as described and of good quality. a little cosmetic damage to the frame probably during transport.

    Verified buyer

    So far. This is the perfect bike for my husband. Unfortunately he hasn't been able to mount it much. Since a visit to the hospital has stepped in. But he hopes he can do it very soon.

    Verified buyer

    the bike arrived before time and was a doddle to put together. about 30 mins.the bike was very well boxed and it really is a very good machine!Cycling is now a dream in wind and on hills. while the others struggle. you just whizz by em!The Sports HQ shop is very good. fast turnaround and well withing time limit delivery!I would recommend this to ANYONE! I have bad legs due to hip joints and found my mountain bike a bit hard work. i also have COPD and that affects my breathing. but with this magic cycle i dont get out of breath now!anyone thinking of an ebike..then this is the one to go for!well worth the money!

    Verified buyer

    Very pleased good fun takes the strain from up hill cycling

    Verified buyer

    Hello the bike is superb just received it.Now it seems to not be charging.There is a Button at the bottom of the batter on off not sure if it shouild stay on or off when charging any feedback wouild be helpful.

    Verified buyer

    The bike runs good and guarantee was perfect service.

    Verified buyer


    Verified buyer

    Excellent bike. sturdy and great fun. did have a problem with the handle bar clamp. but this was quickly replaced thanks to SHENGMILO in customer service who is a credit to the company. Great bike. Iᯭ considering buying another one.

    Verified buyer

    The fact it came 3 weeks early. easy to assemble great ease cycle and very stylish.2 friends are thinking of purchasing this bike...great fun

    Verified buyer

    Love the bike.really well made just an awesome piece of kit!

    Verified buyer

    My bike came yesterday very happy with it great service from start to end. Looks good when on road. I would recommend this to anyone

    Verified buyer

    I love everything about this ebike I certainly get a lot of thumbs up when out on it. it's beautiful

    Verified buyer

    I received my newe lectric bicycle today. thank you. Delivered earlier than expected by about a weak ??. I haven't had the opertunity to use it yet due to the snow ?? just my luck?? i can't wait. it looks brill.

    Verified buyer

    Looks great every one stops me and wants to know where I got it . will update this. had it less than a day

    Verified buyer

    Got the electric bicycle for a relative. they are over the moon with it. They have asked me to post a few words. It arrived promptly and exactly as expected. The service was excellent. They love the feel. ease of use and looks stunning.

    Verified buyer

    Great ebike

    Verified buyer

    very good and is just wot they say

    Verified buyer

    I was ebike with the look of the product it is definitely eye catching. having ridden a motorcycle in the past I was familiar with the controls. apart from the hand brake. a good feature though. The delivery driver was very knowledgeable and friendly. Iᯭ very happy with this product.

    Verified buyer

    Shengmilo ebike scooter excellent service what more can I say only. Excellent

    Verified buyer

    Brilliant.once I got used to it! Customer service team have been amazingly patient over questions and problems I had and the response each time has been wonderful. Thank you.

    Verified buyer

    This bike is definitely lovely, and the seller really assisted me when I needed parts to be replaced. If I could give more than 5 stars I would,

    Verified buyer

    This bike is amazing for the price, came unassembled -- all parts included and undamaged. I am thrilled with this bike: disc brakes, shock absorbing front wheel -- rides like a dream. I think it was a very good deal. Only drawbacks are that is not recommended for use in the rain because of the electrics.

    Verified buyer

    This bike has transformed my life I'm waiting fior a hip operation so my mobility is restricted... I can cycle but if it gets hard I just pop it into assist and away I go first outing 20kms no problem ... battery still half full charge when I had finished absolute life changer this bike is ????

    Verified buyer

    The quality is good, the riding speed is fast and smooth, and I feel that my feet are not riding again. I like it very much.

    Verified buyer

    Bought this bike for my husband as a birthday gift. He likes it and thinks its very sturdy and comfortable. The battery lasts a long time and has good power.

    Verified buyer

    The delivery is fast, I quickly received the product. No defects, the packaging is very strong. I really like his Features and design. It is very fashionable and practical

    Verified buyer

    It has been used for half a month, and every part of the electric bicycle is the same as the new one. The brakes and shock absorption system are still good. The frame is still very shiny because it is aluminum alloy.

    Verified buyer

    Leisure and keeping fit. This is a great bike, the power is controlled by you. The electric assists you and the speed you peddle is the speed you choose to do. You have to peddle throughout. Its great.

    Verified buyer

    it can still peddle with virtually no effort and cruise when needed the only complaint I have is the assembly of the bike especially the battery and wiring,for the price of it ,it should arrive ready to go.

    Verified buyer

    I am shocked! What has happened there in China? I live in Finland and I'm ready for a long break, but the shipment will come in 10 days! Packed more carefully than the raw egg. No scratches! Full set, all for description! Put everything together easily in 15 minutes! Everything is working and everything is of the highest quality! Drive comfortably, easily and pleasantly. Run up to 50 km / h no problem, with pedals to munch too easy! The seller even answers and is kind! If he still tells me what kind of pressure he needs, I will put 5 points on him. Don't know what to do yet? Purchase from China for 8 years, and such a miracle for the first time! What am I going to do, now, to think about my thoughts about China? Hell with it!

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